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About the “Million Mile Marriage”

We are Kevin and Missy. Since we got married in 2013, we have loved and embraced adventure. Some of it has been of our own accord, and most of it has just been life.

In the midst of our travels we had always talked about documenting our life and lessons but it wasn’t until we were quarantined at home (Missy was a nurse on the front lines working with COVID-19) that we finally began to make it happen.

Becoming a “million miler” is the apex for the traveling elite. While we’d love to hit that status, we’d rather strive to be the best in our relationship. “Million Mile Marriage” was inspired by our love of travel, but more so about the lessons it has taught us that apply to our every day lives. We have grown deeply as a couple and learned so much about dealing with adversity, communication, and positivity through the multitude of obstacles as we rack up the miles in global travel and in life.

These lessons have helped us in unexpected was as we have encountered challenges, as so many people do. We truly believe we are better equipped to handle these things through our experiences on the road.